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Lumiere Technology
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16th March 2008

By KELLY COMPTON March  April 2008

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Lumiere Technology has digitized a
Leonardo da Vinci Discovery 

"Profile of a Young Fiancée
Published  July 5th 2008 in a monograph
"Leonardo Infinito"

"Profilo Nuziale Di Giovane Dama"
"Profile of a young fiancée"
Leonardo Da Vinci*
Circa 1480 - 1490
3 mines  technique on vellum,
Black Chalk, Red Chalk,Chalk white.
Dim: 23,87 X 33,27 cm -
9,39 x 13,09  inches.
Strengthened with oak panel backing.


La vita, l’opera completa, la modernità
di Alessandro Vezzosi
Introduzione di Carlo Pedretti
Scriptamaneant Editzioni - Bologna, Italy.

Extract  of the notice about the "Profile of the Young Fiancée"
by  the Professore A.Vezzosi

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Extract of the Introduction
by the Professore Carlo Pedretti download PDF

Statement of Dott.Cristina Geddo
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Statement of Dr. Nicholas Turner
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Is this the greatest  art market discovery of the century ?
by Simon Hewitt , about 
Pr. Martin Kemp's statement.
12 October 2009
SIMON HEWITT gains exclusive access to the evidence used to unveil what the world’s leading scholars say is the the first major Leonardo Da Vinci find for 100 years.

New Leonardo da Vinci Discovered
Lumiere Technology Makes Monumental Announcement at Toronto’s IdeaCity Conference


Toronto - June 19, 2008 – Today at Moses Znaimer’s ideaCity 2008,  Canada’s premiere meeting of the minds, Lumiere Technology, under the leadership of renowned French engineer Pascal Cotte, made a stunning announcement that their ground-breaking technology has led to the authentification of a work by Leonardo da Vinci called PROFILE OF A YOUNG FIANCEE. The work, owned by an anonymous Swiss art collector, was originally purchased for $20,000. 

Lumiere Technology has digitalized this PROFILE OF A YOUNG FIANCEE , a work on vellum, in mixed media, wash tint with white, red and black chalks. This portrait - although restored somewhat in the nineteenth century - is in the process of being recognized by internationally respected art historians* as the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

It will  be published in Italy on July 5th in a monograph, "LEONARDO INFINITO" written by Alessandro Vezzosi, Director of the Museo Ideale in Vinci, with a presentation of Professor Carlo Pedretti.

With the agreement of the owner, this work of digitalization will, for the first time, be made freely available online on this page  for all connoisseurs and interested parties.

The study of this major new discovery has only just begun. This is a first in the history of art, enabling everyone to share the importance of this astounding work.

> (Be patient to load the images  provided on line by zoomorama.com. By cliking on the top right on this flash page, you can zoom and unzoom  full screen, in all the Lumiere Technology pictures, from visible to the invisible, original, UV, IR, restorations, etc,  14 pictures  today unmatched. )


Lumiere Technology is best known for having digitalized the MONA LISA only to discover the secrets that lay beneath the world’s most famous masterpiece.  The company, based in Paris, France, has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to multispectral scanning for art historians and painting restorers.  Lumiere Technology has redefined the limits of optic laws with their ability to scan images at 1000 dpi or 1600 pixels per square millimeter with a resolution of 240 million pixels, effectively establishing the DNA of a work of art. 

It is finally possible to make a comparison of one painting to other established works by the same artist - thus allowing an in-depth study of the visible and invisible aspects of the work, which was until now impossible.

Lumiere Technology offers a method of unprecedented precision now available to curators and collectors. Previously’ Pascal Cotte made an in-depth analysis of THE LADY WITH ERMINE and hopes to digitize eight other Leonardo da Vinci paintings in museums around the world


* Professor Alessandro Vezzosi, Italy
Professor Carlo Pedretti, UCLA, USA & Italy.
Professoressa Mina Gregori, Italy
Dott. Nicholas Turner, UK, who was the first one to identify it.
Dott.Cristina Geddo, Milan, Italy.
Professor Martin Kemp, Oxford, Trinity College UK.

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