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21 Oct 2006

Lumiere Technology
Nominee at the 2007
Press Release
29 Jan.2007


Lumiere Technology  
Nominee for the European ICT-PRIZE 2007

Paris, January 29th 2007

Lumiere Technology team is proud to be Nominee for the European ICT-PRIZE 2007 .
The European ICT Prize is the most prestigious Prize for innovative IST products.

Alan Mongon, General Delegate of Euro-CASE, declared this morning: "This year we received the highest number of applications in the history of the European ICT Prize: 450 applications from 30 countries. The proposals were evaluated by independent experts from 16 European countries, nominated by Euro-CASE, who selected 70 Prize Nominees.

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement of being among the top 70 innovative ICT companies in Europe."

Your application has undergone a thorough, highly competitive evaluation procedure, rewarding you with the label "Nominee for the European ICT Prize ". The European recognition that stands behind the selection of the Prize Nominees will contribute to facilitating access to finance, markets and partnerships, and to enhancing the visibility, credibility, and the future business prospects for your company."

Jean Penicaut, CEO of Lumiere Technology, thanking Euro-CASE declared:

Thanks to this ultimate digital capture system, we can develop in Europe a multispectral vision for a new standard for the color and printing industries....Innovation needs such recognition to exist in Europe, specificly in the cultural and scientific domains...

Our nomination can help us to convince european museums and collectors to undersdand how beyond their traditional approach, this compelling technology could get them access to knowledge further an exceptional image.

We hope to bring our innovation on the top of colorimetry applications, opening a new vision for the future. We hope  to change  the manner to see paintings and art, colors and nuances, in the respect of the creators and history, anticipating the evolution of the digital vision and contents. We hope to digitize entire museum collections or private collections, and reveale the digital palette of painters, lauching a new way to study, restore, curate, reproduce master pieces of art at such definition and accuracy...

Our ambition is to launch first in Europe a high definition multispectral digitization campaign to preserve and study all the european fine arts collections. We can give to Europe  this worldwilde leadership, in History of Art and printing, if people in charge to decide, open their minds and follow us.This multispectral innovation to explore colors on paintings and printings on any illuminant is a revolution !

Euro-CASE, the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, is a European non-profit-making organisation of national academies from 20 European countries. Euro-CASE has access to top level European experience and provides impartial, independent and balanced advice on technological issues with a clear European dimension.

The individual members of the Euro-CASE academies are elected for their excellence and knowledge in specific fields and for their contributions to technologic, scientific, economic and social progress. This unique resource of experts, counting 6,000 individual Fellows of 20 national academies, is the core of Euro-CASE

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