Multi spectral High definition digitization to 240 million pixels.

From March 8th to 18th, 2007, Lumiere Technology presents its unique system of multi spectral high definition digitization at the Business Pavilion Stand #528 at TEFAF 2007 in Maastricht, the most prestigious show in the world of Antiquities and Fine Arts. 

The founders of Lumiere Technology, Jean Penicaut and Pascal Cotte, will amaze TEFAF visitors with Lumiere Technology's incredible digital mastery, leading the way for museums, galleries and private collectors to present their world's master-works in astonishing detail, complementing the originals in the visible and invisible as never before.

On a huge 165 cm(65 inch) plasma screen, visitors will see and compare the astonishing results of the multi spectral digitization of an Italian master-work from 1530, side by side with the original, present at the stand.  Other examples of Lumière Technology's digitization from public and private collections will also be presented from the works of Chagall, Fragonard, Audubon, Latour, and Renoir, including Picasso's "La Vie" ,  Van Gogh's "The Roadmenders" digitized at the Cleveland Museum of Art and, most notably, DaVinci's Mona Lisa,  from the Louvre in Paris.  All in all, Lumière Technology promises an incredible demonstration of its advanced technology, based on world renowned masterpieces.

Lumiere Technology's digital magic restores original colors with an unequalled colorimetric precision, brings out from the infrareds the underlying sketches, and from the false color infrareds reveals the painter's pallet.  Lumiere Technology's innovations are a true revolution for the world of art, providing art experts with a unique tool for the study and restoration of works which until now, could not been seen with such exceptional definition.

Lumiere Technology sharpens our vision, deepens our knowledge, and provides the most advanced tools to date for collectors, experts, conservationists, curators, to better appreciate, study, compare, reproduce and preserve the best of the masterworks that we shall pass to future generations.

Lumiere Technology has achieved the greatest fidelity for the preservation and the reproduction of pictorial artworks, to the happiness of amateurs and professionals for a better knowledge of History of Art. It seems a revolution !




Meet Lumiere Technology  
at the Business Pavillon
Stand 528 at TEFAF 2007, the most prestigious  
show  in the world of antiquities and fine arts

To have a look on our vision on Line
To have a look on the first Multispectral Scans on line,
at 240 MegaPixels :
Click on the paintings below. Available only on PC and Explorer Browser  at this time !
You just have to click on the activx that your browser will install, then click on left for zooming, on right for un-zooming, you can also scroll on the image .
Enjoy and contact us, we can make the same with your entire collection !


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