Discover the power of Jumboscan through these 2 Samples.
A very old map of 
DAHOMEY country in Africa
A very old map of 
Atlantic Ocean

Download this 17 Mb sample to more in depth details.
Mac - PC

This 17 Mb file will become a 64 Mb in Photoshop.
Check your RAM and space disk before.


On request. Please do not hesitate to join  us for downloading  images from multispectral scans samples.

Because of the size of the 13 Multispectral scan,  6 to 9 gigabytes of datas are created for each scan before resizing and reconstruction of the image, the reconstructed image size of a normal painting scanned at 240 M Pixels is  in 16 bits 1.64 Gb and 880 Mb in 8 bits. Infra Red  results are delivered with the highest definition in the world: 450 Mb.

Lumiere studies a specific viewer for watching these incredible images on line in the next future. Some samples will be on line soon.

To have an idea of the power of our scan and how we can deliver on line such image available today just on PC with Explorer, not on Mac Apple.

You just have to click on the activx that your browser will install, then click on left for zooming, on right for un-zooming, you can also scroll on the image. The first illustration of 2 exceptional technologies...

The pastel we present is the first pastel drawn by Ducreux when he came to the Austrian court to make the first portrait of the Austria Infante Marie Antoinette, on request of the King of France, as fiancee of the Dauphin Louis Auguste,
future Louis XVI.  The Infrared 900 nanometers reveals a portrait originally different, as the young Infante probably was.
France, Private Collection.